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SPORTS WORLD TELEVISION - ACCESSIBLE EVERYWHERE AT ANYTIME The United States is a sports-mad country with professional and collegiate athletics, attracting tens of millions of devoted fans.

Imagine a channel devoted to keeping you in the sports loop 24 hours a day anywhere in the world at any time and on any mobile devices. Smartphones, Personal Computers and SmartTV's The extraordinary success and popularity of sports could not have reached such stratospheric levels without the support of media.

However, like other parts of mass media, sports broadcasting has faced some serious changes, the crippling and surpassing by Tele-Streaming broadcast. International Business Times spoke to a media expert to sort out the current state of sports broadcasting and journalism.

Before, television there was a strong connection between teams and the communities. Broadcast television began to undermine that connection, and cable television in the form of ESPN led to further deterioration of the local community sports and TV connection.

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