Sports World Television mission is to provide sporting events a voice through Broadcast (PPV) or (AD BASE) Production Services. Thus our Broadcast Production Services” are currently one of the most powerful live productions to produce pro boxing events in the U.S and, no doubt, this ensures you achieve your promotions and distribution goals.

We are very excited to notify you of the next big leap in broadcast production technology. SWTV is available for Fight Sporting Events, Ad and Brand Signage Activation programming

Professional Broadcast TV delivered by Sports World Television Services will enable you to engage and entertain your audience in new and exciting ways. Using the new features in our Newtek Tricaster Broadcast Systems media input combinations, multiply your Ad insertions and broadcast signage visibility.

Every time SWTV display our extensive production features, people tell us “This is sooo amazing, you can’t possibly do anymore! … And we smile. As always, many of the great new things included in using; The Newtek TriCaster as our broadcast production flow system. Assures, We have the most reliable televised broadcast production in the ppv Streaming industry. At the same time, having one the world’s most reliable backend distribution server partner providing our global bandwidth.

 SWTV reach’s 20 plus countries without a signal glitch. Pure uninterrupted reliable broadcast. Quality services we’re providing our clients every time we broadcast distribute an event.

Founder/Ceo: Leonardo Willis






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